​Marketing & Communications


These policies govern some of the important aspects of promoting your campus events. Please familiarize yourself with them as you plan your promotions. 

Click the titles for the full texts of the documents.

UGA Logo Use Policy

The University of Georgia's trademarked logos are among its most valuable intangible assets. If you plan on using any of the University's trademarked indicia, read over the policy first.

UGA Trademarked Images

Images of the Georgia "Super G," "Hairy Dawg" and "Uga" are also protected emblems, as is the word "dawgs" and other verbiage. This digital art sheet shows you which images and language are protected. If you want to use the "Super G" or "Hairy Dawg," you must seek permission through the External Affairs Division. Contact Don Reagin for more information.

Student Affairs Logo Use Guidelines

The UGA Student Affairs logo, or the logo that represents the department sponsoring the event, should be included on all promotional materials, including posters, flyers, bus cards, handbills, etc. It is crucial that we brand our events back to both our departments and to Student Affairs.

Social Media Guidelines

There is no policy, per se, for using social media to promote your campus events. However, Public Affairs has produced a document containing common-sense guidelines for maximizing your use of social media while ensuring that the University is portrayed in a positive light.