Marketing and Communications

Student Affairs Division Logo and Department Logos


1. The logos are to be used as is. Please don’t manipulate the layout or colorization. If you require a treatment that is not currently represented in the logo set, please let me know and we’ll work to find a solution. Please contact me if you run into any other snags while implementing/printing the logo, and we’ll work to find a solution.

2. The standard logo is the official/default treatment. It is a white background with red “UGA.”

3. The logo is meant to be placed on all backgrounds, which is why there are multiple treatments. Please refrain from placing the logo in a box on a different color background. (ie. white box on black shirt, red box on white shirt, etc.) For solid color backgrounds (non-red included), the all-white treatment works best.

4. For any significant print or tchotchke items (brochures, enewsletters, t-shirts, mugs, pens, etc.) please submit a printer's proof to Don Reagin BEFORE providing final approval to the printer or vendor. For all other items (ie fliers, handouts, etc.), submission isn’t necessary, but please do your utmost not to skew the logo (it shouldn’t look squished or stretched or pixelated).

5. Do not place imagery behind or on top of the logo. This is the same guideline for use of the Arch. It keeps the logo clean and clear.

6. These are the official logos of the division and departments. Departmentally advised registered student organizations should use the logo that represents the department through which they are advised. Since each department's logo contains the Student Affairs logo, there is no need to include the SA logo as well.


The logo should be utilized on all materials produced by departmentally advised registered student organizations. It isn’t always necessary to use your full departmental logo, but at the minimum, the basic division logo (top image) should be placed on every piece. It need not be featured at the top or center, but it should be sized large enough for legibility.