What is the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from it?

Students may drop any or all classes during the Drop/Add period each semester. Dropping a class removes it from the student's transcript and may allow for a tuition refund. After the Drop/Add period, students can only withdraw from classes, which will result in a grade of W on the student's transcript. The university does not allow refunds for partial withdrawals.

How can I get an absence excused?

There is not a University-wide policy for excusing absences. The University allows each individual instructor control over his or her own classroom attendance policy. Students must work with their instructors regarding routine absences, no matter what the reason is for the absence, and only the instructor can decide if the absence will be excused. ​Student Care and Outreach will inform faculty when a verified crisis may affect a student's class attendance for an extended period of time. Students are advised of their responsibility to discuss absences and make-up options with each individual instructor.

How can I withdraw?

Students can withdraw themselves through the ATHENA system at any time before the withdrawal deadline. Students appealing for a hardship withdrawal should contact ​Student Care and Outreach BEFORE withdrawing via ATHENA.

When is the withdrawal deadline?

The withdrawal deadline for each semester can be found on the Academic Calendar. The withdrawal deadline is the last date that students can withdraw themselves from individual classes on ATHENA. Students with hardship circumstances should contact ​Student Care and Outreach to appeal for a hardship withdrawal from all of their classes after the deadline.

What is a hardship withdrawal?

A hardship withdrawal is a withdrawal approved by ​Student Care and Outreach as a documented event or serious illness that is beyond the student's control and prevents the student from continuing or performing successfully in the semester. With a hardship withdrawal, students are expected to withdraw from all courses for the semester. Students are not guaranteed Ws if they withdraw for hardship reasons. If you believe you qualify for a hardship withdrawal and can provide necessary documentation, contact ​Student Care and Outreach at 706-542-8220.

Is there a deadline to appeal for a hardship withdrawal?

Due to the time required to review supportive documentation and hardship circumstances, ​Student Care and Outreach can assist students appealing for hardship withdrawals until about a week before classes end. Specific deadline dates are posted on the website each semester. After that time, students will not be eligible to appeal for hardship withdrawals.

What other things do I need to consider before withdrawing?

Withdrawing from some or all classes could affect your housing status (University Housing/706-542-1421), athletic status (Athletic Dept. /706-542-1847), or immigration status (International Education/706-542-7903). It could also impact your financial aid (Student Financial Aid/706-542-6147), veteran's benefits (Veterans Benefits/Registrar/706-542-8772), and health and automobile insurance coverage. Be sure to check on all of these before you withdraw. Students are advised to review these circumstances before withdrawing from any or all courses.

What if I miss the deadline to Hardship Withdrawal?

Students who are seeking a hardship withdrawal after the last day of classes must submit an appeal for a retroactive hardship withdrawal to the petitions subcommittee of the Educational Affairs Committee (EAC). If you have any questions about the appeal process, you can email Sara Wood in the Office of the Vice President for Instruction or contact her by phone, 706-542-4336. She will be able to assist you.

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What if I am called to active military duty during the semester?

Students who receive emergency orders to active duty during a semester in progress must provide ​Student Care and Outreach with a copy of these orders. The orders must include the date the student must report for duty and the length of time of service. This official documentation is required in order to receive a military withdrawal. A military withdrawal results in the assignment of WM for all classes (which do not factor into the GPA) and allows for a full refund of tuition and fees. Students cannot receive military withdrawals for semesters that have already been completed.

What if I am unable to take a final exam?

A student who has a personal conflict with a scheduled final exam must appeal with the instructor. It is the instructor's prerogative to reschedule a final exam or any other exam for a student. If a student has two exams scheduled for the same time or three exams scheduled for the same day, he or she may petition to reschedule one exam at a different time or day through the Office of Curriculum Systems.

How can I receive an Incomplete?

Students can contact their instructors to request Incompletes. An Incomplete grade can be assigned, at the instructor's discretion, if a student has satisfactorily completed the majority of course work but, for non-academic reasons, is unable to finish the semester. Students are encouraged to discuss with their instructors the expectations for completing courses for which Incompletes have been assigned.

How long do I have to complete a course with an Incomplete grade?

University policy allows students up to three semesters (including summer) to complete a course with an Incomplete grade. However, instructors are not required to give students three semesters to complete the course. Students and instructors should discuss expectations for completing courses for which Incompletes have been assigned. Students are responsible for understanding their instructors' expectations for finishing an Incomplete. Failure to complete a course within three semesters (or within the instructor's allowed time frame) will result in the grade being converted to an F.

How do I appeal a grade?

The process to appeal grades begins with the instructor of record for the course and, if unresolved, then proceeds to the Department Head. The Dean of the college or school, the Educational Affairs Committee of University Council, and the President are the final levels of appeal. More information about the grade appeal process can be found here.

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