Parents are often the first people to whom students communicate their concerns about classes, health, relationships, etc. Thus, Student Care and Outreach wants to ensure that parents have the information they need to appropriately refer their students to the university's resources.

Counseling Concerns

Parents concerned about their student's mental health should refer to the Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) in the University Health Center. CAPS clinicians are available to meet with students for a wide variety of concerns. Parents should note that CAPS staff members are not legally able to communicate about your student with you directly (unless the student signs a release authorizing this communication). Parents of students who have experienced trauma can help them cope under these difficult circumstances. Click here for some tips on helping your student cope with trauma. You can find more information about CAPS by clicking here.

Academic Matters

General Course Concerns: Students may experience a wide variety of concerns related to their academic coursework. Parents should encourage their students to address any concerns or questions about particular classes with their instructors. Parents should also encourage their students to read their course syllabi and understand the expectations that instructors have for their courses. Students should also consult with their academic advisors on matters related to course registration, degree requirements, and programs of study. Lastly, parents should refer their students to the Division of Academic Enhancement to explore the services and resources offered to support students' academic efforts.

Hardship Withdrawals

Students who need to withdraw from their academic courses for hardship circumstances should be in contact with Student Care and Outreach. Contact our office or view the “Care We Provide” tab for more information

Withdrawals: Students who are interested in withdrawing from a single course can do so via Athena. Parents should encourage their students to contact the Office of the Registrar (706-542-4040) with specific questions about single-course withdrawals.

Career Counseling

Students needing assistance with selecting a major or seeking a job should contact the Career Center. More information about the services and programs can be found at the Career Center website.

Student Involvement

Some students may find transitioning into life at UGA more difficult than others. Parents should encourage their students to get involved in activities and organizations that are of interest. Center for Student Organizations, Campus Ministry Association, The Center for Leadership and Service and the Office of Greek Life are great places for your student to connect with when looking to get more involved at UGA.

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