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Student Care & Outreach aims to...

  • Assist students with University Hardship Withdrawals
  • Advocate for students experiencing difficult circumstances and support faculty who are working with these students
  • Locate students for emergency reasons
  • Serve as initial contact for notification of student deaths; process related paperwork
  • Educate students on available campus resources and on UGA policies and procedures
  • Provide outreach initiatives to promote a safer, healthier, and more successful campus community

Hardship Withdrawals 

(Click here to view the Office of the Registrar Policy)

Important Considerations:

Students withdrawing from any or all of their classes should be aware that a reduction in their course load may affect other aspects of their academic and campus life, and they should contact these offices to discuss any potential impact. 

  • Student Financial Aid including the HOPE Scholarship - 706-542-6147
    • The impact on Student Financial Aid may include, but not be limited to, mandatory repayment of already disbursed funds
  • Bursar & Treasury Services – 706-542-2965
  • Office of the Registrar – 706-542-4040
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - 706-542-6147
  • Parking Services – 706-542-7275
  • Food Services – 706-542-1256
  • Athletic Eligibility : Ted White - 706-542-7246
  • University Housing - 706-542-1421
  • Use of University resources and access to University facilities (Check with specific campus office or facility.)
  • Immigration status for International students - 706-542-2900
    • International students holding F-1 or J-1 visas are required by US regulations to be enrolled for full-time course load every term. If an international student is approved for an authorized withdrawal, and the Immigration Services (ISSIS) office is notified in advance, the student's immigration record will be terminated for authorized withdrawal, and the student will be allowed a two-week grace period in which to depart the US. If the student does not have approval for an authorized withdrawal in advance, the immigration record must be terminated, and the student will be given no grace period in which to depart the US. In the latter case, the immigration record must be terminated for unauthorized withdrawal, which may cause difficulties in future visa applications and entries to the US.
  • Veterans Educational Benefits - 706-542-4040
  • Use of student tickets for some events : Dean of Students Ticket Office - 706-542-8579 or some university athletic events - 706-542-1231

The impact on Student Financial Aid may include, but not be limited to, mandatory repayment of already disbursed funds.  Students should contact Student Financial Aid or other appropriate offices (Athletic Dept., etc.) if there are any questions concerning the possible impact of withdrawing.  Withdrawals during any session of the summer semester – Maymester, Extended Session, Thru Session, and both Short Sessions – can impact a student’s eligibility to enroll in other summer sessions of that same semester. Students returning from academic dismissal should consult their academic advisor prior to withdrawing.  Veterans and dependents of veterans who are receiving educational benefits must notify the Office of Veterans Educational Benefits of any course load reduction (Office of the Registrar 706-542-4040). 

Students who withdraw from any or all of their classes or who are withdrawn by the instructor PRIOR to the withdrawal deadline of the grading period are assigned a grade of ‘W’.  Students may not withdraw after the withdrawal deadline except when Student Care and Outreach approves a University hardship withdrawal.

No refund is allowed for a reduction in hours except when the class is DROPPED during the Drop period or when a student withdraws from ALL classes within the designated time period for that semester.  A University Withdrawal allows for a prorated refund based on the day the withdrawal is processed as outlined in the current University Bulletin.  Please access the University Bulletin for more complete information concerning individual class withdrawals, University Withdrawals, and refunds. More information about refunds can be found here.

Student Hardships

​Student Care and Outreach informs faculty when a verified situation may affect a student’s class attendance for an extended period of time. Students are advised of their responsibility to discuss absences and make-up options with each individual instructor. Final decisions about absences, make-up assignments, and accommodation are left to the discretion of each individual instructor.

Locate Students

Student Support Services will attempt to locate students for emergency reasons.

Student Deaths

​Student Care and Outreach informs faculty, the student’s college, the administration, and other offices on campus of a student death and assists family and friends of the deceased student. This office represents the University at the student’s memorial service and coordinates the University’s annual campus-wide memorial ceremony.


An incomplete indicates that a student was doing satisfactory work but, for non-academic reasons beyond his/her control, was unable to meet the full requirements of the course. An Incomplete should not ordinarily be given unless the student has completed a substantial part of the course. The instructor of the course should indicate to the student the deadline for completing the work in the course. No more than three semesters (counting summer school as one semester) may be allowed to complete the work in the course, but the instructor may specify an earlier deadline. If an "I" is not satisfactorily removed after three semesters, the "I" grade will be changed to an "F" (or "U" grade for a course graded S/U) by the Registrar.

Please note: To submit the final grade, the instructor follows the change of grade process. The student does not need to register for the course again. The "I" grade is not included in the grade point average computation.

To view the Registrar's policy about Incompletes, click here.

Student Care & Outreach does not assist with...

Absence Verification for routine absences

​Student Care and Outreach DOES NOT excuse or verify routine absences. The decision to excuse an absence, allow make-up work, or reschedule to make up an exam is entirely at the discretion of each faculty member.

Final Exam Conflicts

​Student Care and Outreach DOES NOT manage or verify documentation for final exam conflicts.  Personal conflicts must be managed between the student and instructor.  Information regarding scheduling conflicts can be found here.

Grade Changes

​Student Care and Outreach DOES NOT assign grades, change grades, or verify documentation for individual class grade changes. The decision to change a grade is entirely at the instructor’s discretion and is a matter between the student and the instructor. 

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