‚ÄčStudent Support Services


‚ÄčAbout Us

The Mission of Student Support Services is to provide individualized assistance to students experiencing hardship circumstances, support to faculty and staff working with students in distress, and guidance to parents seeking help and information on behalf of their students.

To that end, Student Support Services:

  • Educates students and faculty about policies and procedures relevant to specific situations.
  • Facilitates the referral to and promotes the utilization of existing campus and community resources.
  • Promotes the student's development of self-advocacy, communication, and problem-solving skills. 
  • Advocates for the development and application of student-centered policies and procedures.


  • Hardship Withdrawals
  • Student Crisis
  • Locate Students
  • Student Deaths
  • Incompletes 

Office of Student Support Services

325 Tate Student Center
Athens, Georgia 30602-6111

Phone: 706-542-7774
Fax: 706-583-0206