UGA Student Handbook


​Regulations and Policies

The Student Handbook is published by the Division of Student Affairs. Since the programs and services described herein are subject to continuous review and evaluation, this document is intended for informational use only. Any portion of this handbook in conflict with the policies of the Board of Regents shall be null and void and of no effect whatsoever.

​Academic Policies

The principal source for information regarding the academic policies of the University of Georgia is the UGA Bulletin

Campus Carry/Weapons

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents maintains the policy regarding weapons on USG properties.

​Conduct at Athletic Events

Trespassing on UGA Athletic Department property, including but not limited to Sanford Stadium, Foley Field, and Stegeman Coliseum, is strictly prohibited. In addition to potential criminal and/or student disciplinary sanctions, trespassing at UGA athletic facilities subjects the perpetrators to revocation of all athletic ticket privileges for one calendar year. 

Conduct at Athletic Events
The following requirements will be enforced at the admission gates of Sanford Stadium, the Coliseum, and all athletic grounds where athletic contests are held on campus. Note: These same rules apply to all spectators at athletic contests on the campus. 

1. No food or drink containers of any type, including ice chests, ice bags, thermos bottles, or other containers or objects considered dangerous, will be brought through any gates. 

2. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted. 

3. Radios must be kept at a low volume and should not disturb other spectators. 

4. No horns of any type or artificial noise-makers will be allowed. 

5. Signs, banners, pictures, etc., that are offensive to individuals and teams, that are not in good taste, block the view of spectators, or create a safety hazard will NOT be allowed. 

The hanging or displaying of signs on stadium walls, bleacher areas, ramps, or any area of immediate stadium, coliseum, and athletic grounds is prohibited as a safety precaution, to eliminate excessive cleanup, and to avoid defacing of property with tape, glue, nails, or other materials. 

In the event of a special banner day or night being conducted, all signs and banners will be admitted through a special gate and must be approved by Game Administration personnel. These signs and banners will be displayed in a designated area. 

6. During inclement weather, rain gear is recommended in Sanford Stadium. Use of umbrellas will not be permitted. 

7. Pass out checks are not permitted at any gate for any reason for all ticketed athletic events. Persons leaving these athletic contests on the Georgia campus will not be readmitted without purchasing an additional ticket, provided tickets are available. 

8. If, during the event or game, a student’s behavior or language is disruptive, abusive, or interferes with the rights of other spectators, the student may be asked to leave or be escorted from the premises if necessary; and if such conduct is deemed to be in violation of the University Conduct Regulations, he or she may be referred to the University Judiciary. 

9. A student who enters a Georgia athletic contest is subject to all athletic and stadium policies. 

10. The Athletic Association reserves the right to refuse admission for failure to comply with rules and has the right to remove any student who violates rules governing athletic events. 

11. Student seating for Georgia home football games is general admission. The ticket, which costs $8.00 per game, is sold on a seasonal basis and is available at a designated time and place. Students using a student ticket are restricted to sit in one of the assigned student sections for football games. Basketball, baseball and gymnastic events use open seating in assigned sections. 

12. The UGACard is required for all athletic events. Driver’s licenses cannot be accepted. Tickets are required for some events; please check with the Student Ticket Office regarding each event. (542-7969).

​University Conduct Regulations

All students are expected to adhere to the University of Georgia Student Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Student Rights and Responsibilites

Local Zoning Policies and Off-Campus Housing

University of Georgia students who live off campus in the Athens-Clarke County area are subject to the zoning policies of the city-county government. Section 9.1.27 of the Athens-Clarke County Code states in part that “no single dwelling unit in any RS (Single-Family Residential) zoning district shall have more than two unrelated individuals residing therein....” In other than a “RS” district, no more than four unrelated individuals may reside in any single family dwelling. For further details on the zoning ordinance and zoning maps of Athens and Clarke County, students should contact the Athens-Clarke County Planning Department, 613-3515.

USG Tobacco Policy

In March 2014, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia adopted a tobacco and smoke-free campus policy to make USG 100% tobacco-free effective October 1, 2014.